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My name is Amir Ramzali
I got my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Precisely, it was Instrumentation Engineering. It took me six years to graduate from university. Instrumentation Engineering was not suitable for me, and I realized it was a wrong choice for me.
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Since I believe significant changes result from tiny changes, I started to prepare for my favorite major, management. So I took the entrance exam and passed it with a high score. After some years of hard work, I graduated.

My lack of interest in my bachelor's major became a strong motivation to enter the financial markets as an investor and active trader. After studying management and learning more about the concepts of macroeconomics, the financial markets became even more charming to me and it continues to be until this day. It is worth mentioning that it has been a decade since I have entered these markets.

In my first job, I was a junior employee. But in only three years, I established my first company in the field of advertisement and digital marketing. After that, I started another company in IT.

Over these years, I have been providing financial consultancy services to companies and individuals continuously. Nowadays, with one of the best analytical teams, we are trying our best to provide different and valuable training courses for those interested in financial markets and blockchain technology, as well as performing our duty of social responsibility.


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    Amir Ramzali
    Amir Ramzali